Florida Gateway Resort

$2.8 million

Jasper, FL

2011 - 2016

Karamchand "Raj" Doobay solicited investors to purchase subdivided lots in an RV park in Jasper, Florida. Doobay’s entity, Florida Gateway Resort, guaranteed returns on investments between 9% and 41%, but after collecting investors and funds, Doobay found himself unable to deliver the RV lots and titles as promised.

Despite his property troubles, Doobay repeatedly told investors that Florida Gateway Resort’s land was zoned and planned for an RV resort. To pay previous investor returns, Doobay continued to solicit new investors and additional funds, but he failed to disclose to the new investors that their funds would be used to pay other investors’ guaranteed returns.

Between May 2011 and May 2016, Doobay started using the EB-5 program to find immigrant investors who were looking to obtain green cards. He told foreign investors that he would use their investments for the development, renovation, and/or new construction of Senior Premier Living, a proposed retirement community in Jasper. However, Doobay used over $2.8 million of EB-5 investments to pay guaranteed returns to Florida Gateway Resort investors.

In March 2018, Doobay was sentenced to over 12 years in federal prison and ordered to pay over $8.6 million as restitution to 85 defrauded investors.