• The EB-5-financed venture of former Virginia Governor and Hillary Clinton's brother goes bankrupt

    Horn Lake, MS

    $141.5 million

  • Oregonian pitches futuristic fuel technology to defraud EB-5 visa-seekers

    Portland, OR


  • Pair of Ponzi scheme perpetrators used EB-5 Program to perpetuate plot

    Pomona, CA

    $150.0 million

  • Chinese couple scammed out of $1 million in EB-5 scheme  

    Washington, DC

    $1.0 million

  • Bingqing Yang and her Company charged with securities fraud and deceiving Asian investors.

    San Francisco, CA

    $8.0 million

  • Wisconsin man mislead investors by using investor funds to purchase car and Green Bay Packers tickets.

    De Pere, WI

    $7.6 million

  • Florida man found guilty uses EB-5 program to commit wire fraud.

    Jasper, FL

    $2.8 million

  • Fund managers collected money from foreign investors – then spent it on houses and luxury cars.

    San Gabriel, CA

    $50.0 million

  • Idaho man buys personal homes and cars with EB-5 investors’ money

    Boise, ID

    $140.5 million

  • Chinese Nationals are suing after being scammed out of $5 million

    Cincinnati, OH

    $5.0 million

  • EB-5 fraud uncovered in a Florida frozen yogurt and smoothie chain

    Weston, FL

    $6.7 million

  • Defunct ethanol production plant produces nothing at all (except EB-5 fraud)

    Ulysses, KS

    $11.5 million

  • State officials running state’s EB-5 Program privatize operations and become subject of criminal and civil cases for misusing state tax money and EB-5 investments

    Aberdeen, SD

    $145.0 million

  • Palm Beach pair defrauds visa-seekers out of $50 million, buy 151 foot yacht

    Palm Beach, FL

    $50.0 million

  • Couple solicited more than $24 million in EB-5 investments for cancer treatment center – and funneled it to themselves and companies they controlled.

    Los Angeles, CA

    $27.0 million

  • Attorney settles SEC charges alleging she acted as an unregistered EB-5 broker.

    Bellevue, WA

    $200 thousand

  • SEC accuses California businessman of combining funds from EB-5 investors with general fund for personal use

    Oakland, CA

    $107.0 million

  • Costa Mesa man uses EB-5 investments to purchase luxury goods

    Costa Mesa, CA

    $72.0 million

  • Businessman defrauds 29 investors in Washington state EB-5 scheme

    Renton, WA

    $14.5 million

  • SEC alleges Miami lawyer illegally acted as illegal liaison between EB-5 projects and potential clients.

    Coral Gables, FL

    $0.2 million

  • Unfinished hotel project in Florida subject of lawsuits involving EB-5 fraud

    Fort Lauderdale, FL

    $30.0 million

  • EB-5 Investors defrauded by Texas pair duo to the tune of $5,000,000 and don’t receive visas

    McAllen, TX

    $5.0 million

  • Uncompleted ski resort in Vermont linked to millions of dollars of EB-5 Fraud.

    Jay, VT

    $350.0 million

  • California couple defrauded the federal government through the EB-5 Program

    Palo Alto, CA

    $4.0 million

  • Steve Qi and his law firm were charged for acting as unregistered brokers and defrauding investors.

    Alhambra, CA

    $1.6 million

  • Two Maryland men charged in federal court after allegedly pocketing millions of dollars intended for new construction and job creation after Hurricane Katrina.

    New Orleans, LA

    $15.5 million

  • Two Virginia men charged in federal court after defrauding foreign nationals seeking EB-5 visas.

    Herndon, VA

    $21.0 million

  • Florida woman convicted in federal court after pocketing millions of dollars intended for real estate development projects.

    Port St. Lucie, FL

    $8.5 million

  • Washington man uses investor funding under the EB-5 Program to purchase personal home and make cash withdrawals at casinos.

    Everett, WA

    $153.6 million

  • Chicago businessman misleads 290 foreign investors and pockets $146 million in funds allocated towards EB-5 project.

    Chicago, IL

    $158.0 million

  • California couple use two EB-5 regional centers to misappropriate over $11 million of investor funds.

    Commerce, CA

    $12.0 million

  • Doctor and his administrative assistant charged by SEC after allegedly using investor money to fund medical practice and pay personal taxes

    San Bernardino, CA

    $20.0 million